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Things to look out for when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange

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    Always go for an exchange with a good reputation! These can be checked by looking at various reviews and online forums.
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    Make sure you understand the deposit, transaction and withdrawal fees before joining an exchange. Fees can differ depending on the exchange you use.
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    Payment Methods

    Most exchanges accept credit & debit card, bank transfer and PayPal, but some require you to have cryptocurrencies initially in order to join.
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    Geographical Restrictions

    Some Exchanges are only available in certain countries so check which ones are available in your country!


Have a read through our cryptocurrency Exchanges reviews and check out each exchanges different features. 

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  • The best mobile app
  • The largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume in the world
  • Very low fees - 0.05% per trade
Binance has come a long way from its 2017 launch which started as something you might find on the dark web – Something that perhaps put off a lot of potential investors and did injustice to the cornerstone exchange that it is. Since 2017 it has had a revamp in aesthetic and investors can now buy and sell with 100% confidence.
Binance boasts one of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency world and has the most in depth market analysis tools available to its investors.
The app is user friendly and well thought out, the security is tight and uses Google’s 2FA Authetification app to keep its users safe. You can now sign up for free and buy any cryptocurrency under the sun with your Debit or Credit card.


  • High buying limits
  • Great for new investors to get into trading
  • Nice app that you can use on your iPhone or Android

Coinbase is one of the greatest exchanges there is – not just for its intuitive interface and app that make it so easy to buy and sell with confidence, but to track basic fluctuations in currencies.

The app is available on IOS and Android and having this means you can trade on the go with confidence and ease

The lack of currencies holds this one back from being a 5 star, but the verification process is easy and you can purchase Bitcoin and other major cryptos with debit, credit card and bank transfer.

  • Buy cryptos with debit, credit card or via bank transfer
  • Fast track verification process
  • 0% on SEPA, SWIFT and Faster Payments (UK)
Many exchanges can take longer than a week for you to start trading – a lot can change in the market in that time – with Coinmama the verification is virtually instant meaning any sharp falls and rises in the market can be utilised quickly and efficiently.
The only bad thing about Coinmama is the 5% charge on Debit and Credit card transactions – you can avoid this by using SEPA, SWIFT and Faster Payments (UK).
  • Supports GBP, USD, EUR and CHF
  • One of the safest crypto exchanges in the world with state-of-the-art technology
  • Has PSD2 Licence - an EU directive which protects citizens when paying for services online
A really nice touch is the payout method to Amazon Vouchers, other than this Bitpanda has an extensive list of payment and withdrawal methods including Visa, Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Giro Pay, Neteller, Skrill and many more!
The fintech based in Vienna was founded in 2014 – so very well established – with over 1 million happy users.
Again, this is great for safe, mainstream trading in the major currencies  (over 30 available) – but if you’re looking to buy more challenging, new and upcoming currencies then this might not be the app for you.
  • 0% transaction fees
  • Just $5 withdrawal fee on all withdrawals
  • Copytrader is eToro's patented technology
One of our top recommendations, eToro has no transaction fees which makes it a cornerstone in cryptocurrency exchanges.
The Copytrader technology shows an annual average of 29.1%+ increase on profit on those that didn’t use the add-on technology. 
This is a company who is serious about cryptocurrencies – their advertising campaign is vast and they are clearly in it to win it, they are looking to get a monopoly on the market – get in there fast whilst the fees are so attractive!
  • Fastest Trading Platform in the world
  • x100 Leverage Trading
  • 99% of cryptocurrency in offline cold storage

The fastest trading application in the world is a big statement to make for a relatively small trading platform – when compared to the likes of Coinbase, Binance and eToro. But Deribit holds a record breaking 1ms latency – meaning you can be sure to catch the best price before it changes – great for those who want to capitalise on the minute discrepancies in the markets.

You can sleep easy knowing that your currencies are safe and sound with 99% of Deribit’s currency being stored offline in cold storage.

  • Peer-to-Peer trading platform
  • Able to trade cryptocurrency into goods and services online
  • Sell Bitcoin for cash, and get the cash delivered to your home or preferred location

Paxful have over 300+ payment methods available – including the likes of PayPal, Revolut, Western Union and cash! As well as providing the usual methods of Bank transfer and credit/debit, Paxful are pioneers in the cryptocurrency world by offering a cash delivery service to your preferred location.

Paxful have a partnership with Binance – so if you sign up with Binance you will also be able to use the great features Paxful has to offer!

  • Premium accounts available
  • Great Guidance on Investing from Real Finance workers
  • Portfolio diversification

Premium and tailor made accounts come with wealth management planning, strategies and lower transactions at just 2.49%.

Coinhouse is a great platform for trading over 300+ cryptocurrencies within safe and secure app.

Coinhouse is aimed at those with a bit more cash, who are looking for guidance on their investments, offering portfolio diversification with financial advisors available to lend tricks and tips to grow your money.

  • Low Maker Taker Fees - 0.075% vs 0.025%
  • Boasts no overloads - i.e. information lagging
  • 99.9% availability run time since 2018

Some exchanges have experienced issues with information overloads to their servers and caused the exchange to close temporarily. Bybit has a great track record when it comes to staying open what ever the weather – meaning you can trade when other exchanges are down.

On the whole – Bybit seems to be one of the most popular underdog platforms with 50k user reviews peaking 4.9 stars since 2018. 

Bybit shows a promising future with low maker and taker fees – 0.075% for investing and 0.025% withdrawal.The company is set for big things in 2020 with the application being taken on by record breaking numbers by the week.

  • 0.25% fixed transaction fee
  • Recommended App - by Binance, Ledger and Ether Wallet
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

Changelly offers a no nonsense application to use on your devices. Payments, trading and withdrawals are easy to make with a transparent fixed rate system of 0.25%.

Beware of some platforms that have a detailed small print saying they charge one rate but under different circumstances will in fact charge more.

Go with Changelly: they have high commendations from Binance – the largest crypto exchange – and other big players in the crypto world.

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